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Legal Aid


The Practice aims to ensure that clients receive a combination of the best representation possible and a dedication to client care in an endeavour to minimalise the stress that usually surrounds criminal proceedings.


Since 1982 Reynolds Dawson has developed a reputation as a specialist criminal practice, particularly in the fields of criminal Legal Aid. We represent those accused of every type of criminal offence, and particularly where appropriate have fee earners who specialise in the area of serious and complex fraud, extradition and the representation of professional people in relation to criminal offences and internal disciplinary procedures.


We are extremely experienced in representing those who are funded by their staff associations as well as those who are granted Legal Aid through the Legal Services Commission and the Courts.


We understand that it is difficult for you as a client, very often, to have to deal with the agencies which govern the grant monitoring where legal aid is granted and work is publicly funded. We appreciate that you will very often become frustrated and concerned at how slowly matters appear to progress where you are arrested and bailed awaiting charge, or where you are then charged and appearing before Court.


We believe that as a firm, we are sympathetic to and appreciative of the need for genuine client care in this area.


The maintenance of our commitment to publicly funded work is a reflection of a genuine understanding that the police, court, the criminal justice system and the law can be at times debilitating and disquieting to those who are unused to being involved in such processes. You will be in the hands of, experienced, competent, qualified personnel at all times, acutelyconscious of the fact that the reputation of the practice is only maintained and enhanced by the provision of precisely the sort of service that a client is entitled to expect and demand.


You will be kept advised of developments in your case, you will be provided with reassurance where appropriate, but equally we believe in the early and sensible provision of robust, advice to ensure that your expectations are properly managed at all times.


A fee earner will be assigned to your case who will remain your primary point of contact in relation to all matters concerning the matter in which you are involved in an effort ensure continuity of contact.


We have established complaint procedure to deal with any concerns or dissatisfaction which you may experience.

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