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Private Clients


The Practice aims to ensure that clients receive a combination of the best representation possible and a dedication to client care, in an endeavour to minimise the stress that usually surrounds criminal proceedings.


We are however cost conscious and careful to ensure that work is undertaken by the appropriate level of fee earner to keep costs to a minimum. We are experienced in meeting individual needs of clients in billing to suit their financial arrangements, whether the client be corporate or an individual.


Reynolds Dawson was established in an era when criminal Legal Aid was more freely available than perhaps it is now. We are acutely conscious of concerns which will arise on the part of those funding their representation, or family member’s representation privately, where it is possible for costs to escalate as any criminal case tends to develop a life of it’s own. We are mindful of the need therefore, at all times to advise clients of forthcoming likely expenditure so they can budget or make suitable arrangements in anticipation of such expenditure. We will always quote figures which will include anticipate substantial disbursements, such as Counsels fees, or the instruction of experts in appropriate cases.


Clients will be aware that at the successful conclusion of a criminal case, there is currently provision for them to retrieve their costs out of Central Funds, although this is under review. We are extremely experienced in dealing with the submission and taxation of bills on behalf of clients, including the recovery of personal expenditure by them over and above legal expenses, during the course of a criminal case.


We believe that we offer the private client an exemplary service designed to bring confidence to the conduct of the proceedings and specific assurances as to the monitoring of costs and the financial legations involved in securing such high quality representation.


We are experienced in representing clients funded through insurance policies in relation to their representation.

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