Public funding

There is limited public funding available for representation at the Magistrates’ Court. Public funding is means tested. We are used to managing such situations, applying for legal aid, and arranging representation on a budget, or assisting with a letter to the Court setting out, in accordance with your instructions, how you wish to proceed.

At the Crown Court the means testing is more generous however information is also required as to assets held. The Legal Aid Authority at the conclusion of a case will seek to recover the costs of the case in the event of a conviction. At the conclusion of a case where appropriate representations will be prepared and submitted to the trial Judge as to the apportionment of costs, the extent to which a defendant should be require to contribute.

If income is over the public funding threshold it is sensible to consider an application for legal aid as if refused public funding, but later acquitted, it will be possible to seek to recover some costs at the conclusion of the case. 

We are required to be in receipt of funds in order to arrange representation. Private clients can make payments by bank transfer, credit or debit card.

Please be aware of the increase in cybercrime and fraud. If you receive an email purporting to be from someone at Reynolds Dawson which seeks to direct a payment to bank details which differ from those which we have already given to you by us it will not be genuine. Please do not reply to the email nor act on any information contained in it but contact us immediately.


Staff Associations

Reynolds Dawson are familiar with the arrangements that afford Officers representation and to working within those, and other staff association parameters. 



At Reynolds Dawson we are experienced in working with insurers under policies that allow for the holder or members of the holder’s family to be represented.

Some insurers have preferred solicitors; Reynolds Dawson is recognised by a number of insurers (ARC Legal; AIB and others). 


Private funding

Contact us to discuss the nature of your circumstances and we can advise as to the potential costs.