Georgia Martin LLB (Hons)


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Georgia graduated from UCL in 2012 and joined Reynolds Dawson in August 2017. She is an experienced accredited police station representative and litigation paralegal. In addition to working full time at the firm, she is currently in her final year of the LPC LLM, which she is completing to develop professionally as a solicitor.

Georgia has regularly acted for clients faced with dual proceedings; strengthening her ability to anticipate the implications of one set of proceedings on the other.

In addition to experience in representing clients for some of the most serious criminal offences, in the past Georgia also regularly attended the Family Courts as an advocate for clients seeking emergency orders. In dealing with such matters, she has gained considerable experience in representing and advocating on behalf of vulnerable individuals.

At the police station, Georgia ensures that the appropriately detailed instructions she obtains from those she represents are fully utilised to ensure that she can advance her client’s case, rights and entitlements throughout their detention.