We regularly defend officers and work closely with the Police Federation of England and Wales and the British Transport Police in representing regular officers in on duty matters.  If you are a subscribing member of the Federation you will be entitled to legal advice for on duty related incidents including;

  • Allegations of excessive force
  • Misconduct in a Public Office/Corruption allegations
  • Criminal offences allegedly committed whilst on duty
  • Road traffic offences when on duty.
  • Any allegation of Gross Misconduct relating to your duty
  • Stage 3 UPP
  • Death or serious injury following police contact/death in custody
  • In order for legal advice to be obtained, in other than an emergency, you will need to complete an application form providing basic information and your contact details. We regularly liaise with Federation Representatives to ensure that officers are able to provide the necessary information to enable the correct funding decision to be made. You will be contacted once funding has been granted to inform you of the Partner who has been allocated to your case. Thereafter, you will liaise directly with them as to the next steps in order for you to feel reassured as to every stage of the process.

The Federation fund representation of all aspects of on duty criminal investigations and proceedings at no cost to the member. There is also funding available for gross misconduct allegations and representation at a gross misconduct hearing will be provided subject to a review by the Federation.

We would suggest that you should speak to a Federation Representative or contact the Branch Board initially before contacting us.


Police Officers Off duty:

We are the preferred Solicitors for the representation of regular officers in off duty matters and a call or email will enable us to provide you with the necessary application form for advice and representation. Funding is available to meet with a member of our experienced team prior to any interview under caution or before any Court appearance. If you have been served with a Notice alleging gross misconduct regarding an off duty allegation we can advise prior to any interview with your professional standards department or the IPCC. If you have been told you are facing a hearing it is likely that funding will extend to cover representation but this is subject to a prospects assessment.


Police Officers: Key Police Witnesses

Advice and assistance is available to officers who have been involved in an incident that has led to death or serious injury. It is likely in those instances that a post incident procedure will be put in place and a decision will be made as to whether or not the officers are key police witnesses or suspects. If it is deemed that you are a key police witness then you will be asked to provide an initial statement. In those instances you will receive advice from one of the partners who are trained and experienced in advising officers in this position. Following this you will be asked to provide a more detailed statement, normally days after the incident and advice is available prior to this step. In these emergency situations it is usual for the Federation Representative to contact us directly.


Special Constables

We also hold the contract for the representation of Special Constables in relation to on duty criminal and disciplinary matters. We can assist in providing the necessary application details.