“It ain’t over til it’s over.”

Reynolds Dawson is experienced at advising and supporting individuals through complex disciplinary and regulatory investigations. Our experience covers a variety of professional disciplinary investigations and proceedings, and at times necessary associated proceedings before other venues, frequently at the High Court.  Misconduct investigations stand independently but many allegations are derived from, or overlap with, those being investigated under criminal law provisions.

We are aware that professional disciplinary proceedings, particularly those which impugn a person’s professional integrity, can cause distress as well as irreparable damage to reputation. Achieving the most favourable outcome in a professional disciplinary investigation, and seeking to avoid the most damaging consequences, depends on taking expert legal advice at the earliest opportunity.

We represent both regular and unpaid officers in criminal and misconduct proceedings, in both on and off duty allegations, dealing with a variety of investigators including the Anti-Corruption Command, SMIU, DPS/PSD, and the IPCC. We are familiar with the various funding sources available and the relevant criteria. We are dedicated and experienced criminal solicitors; the lifetime of the practice has been in this area.