Reynolds Dawson Solicitors represent and provide legal advice to members of the Armed Services; Army, Navy, and the Air Forces in interviews under caution and at a Court Martial.

The interview process is the first stage of the Court Martial proceedings. If you are arrested by the Service Police or Civilian Police, or asked to attend for voluntary interview you are entitled to legal representation and there is public funding available. We can help you prepare for the interview and attend to advise you throughout.  

A decision as to whether you will be charged will be made by the Service Prosecution Authority. Minor offences will be dealt with by the Officer Commanding, but if they are more serious in nature then this will involve the Commanding Officer. The most serious offences are dealt with by the Court Martial with a range of sentencing options available to the Court. As with civilian law, individuals facing Court Martial are entitled to legal representation at the hearing.

At Reynolds Dawson we understand the impact that such proceedings can have on you as a member of the Armed Forces, and will be available to reassure you at every stage of the proceedings.

Our lawyers are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to provide immediate advice, representation, and assistance. For more information please contact us either at the office on 020 7839 2373, by e-mail to or out of hours via our emergency number 07659 130 481.