We have considerable experience in the representation of pilots in diverse circumstances.   We understand that the prospect of being investigated is of itself extremely daunting and stressful for any professional, whether it is an investigation conducted by the Police, AAIB or CAA. Naturally, the nature of the allegations themselves can vary from the technical, and the requirements placed upon pilots by the ANO, to the more general including allegations outside their professional role. 

We are regularly instructed on behalf of pilots by BALPA as well as other affiliated International airline staff associations. Naturally there are practical aspects such as time differences that we are familiar with managing, as well as more complex matters such as differences between pilots knowledge and understanding of their ‘home’ judicial system being at odds with the criminal justice system of England and Wales. This at times can be exacerbated by a language barrier. 

We represented the interests of pilots and airline staff and the maintenance of ‘just culture’ as Intervenors in the High Court proceedings between the Chief Constable of Sussex and Secretary of State for Transport and the simultaneous proceedings Secretary of State and the Senior Coroner for Norfolk in 2016. 

Sadly, there is sometimes also an overlap in this area with that of Inquests, where we have represented family members following tragic circumstances and understand the difficult nature of these type of proceedings.